Dermadew Lite Soap

Hey gals.. Good morning!

I recently got some skin infection in my neck area that spread to my shoulders too.

The skin in the neck got darkened slightly & there were rashes, itching & some burning sensation too.

The derma recommended Dermadew Lite Soap along with some lotion & ointment.

Price/Shelf life:


The soap comes neatly wrapped in a yellow foil wrapper with an outer yellow carton.

Insite the foil wrapper, the soap is housed on a plastic soap dish like packing.

Ingredients/What the product claims:

Check out the below picture for the same.

The way I see it:

The soap is off-white in color and oval in shape. "Dermadew Lite" is embossed on the soap.

The soap has a mild botanical fragrance which I totally love.

It lathers really well & doesn't melt crazy like other soaps.

I have been regularly using this soap thrice a day on my neck and shoulder area & I must admit that it really soothes my skin.

The burning sensation, the itching calms down to great extent - almost to zero.

It gives a clean feeling to the skin & get rids of ointments or lotion I had applied previously too.

I tried this on my face too a couple of times - and it left my skin squeaky clean without drying.

One soap would last for a month if used on the entire body.

Whenever I feel that my skin is itching or there is some mild burning sensation, I immediately use this soap & get relieved.

The soap contains 76% TFM - which is considered to be the golden standard in bathing bars. Most soaps in the market don't mention their TFMs only...

The derma said that this soap is ideal for irritated skin conditions & darkening - but also did mention that he wouldn't recommend it for regular use.

He said this is an apt soap for the winters to condition the skin & also keep skin infections at bay.

I cannot comment on the lightening of the skin now - but shall surely update you all at later time with regular use of this.

I am totally loving this soap & would recommend to you all too - probably you can check with your derma too before actually using the bar.

There is not a single 'Nay' factor for me when it comes to this soap & I totally love it.

Swatch Santa: 10 Avon Ultra Color SPF15 Lipsticks - Pinks, Corals & Reds Edition

Hey all...

Santa brings you lipstick swatches as promised earlier! :D

Presenting 10 lipstick swatches from the yet to be launched Avon Ultra Color Lipsticks range. NEVER SEEN BEFORE ON ANY OTHER INDIAN BLOG! :p

These lippies are earmarked to launch in Feb 2014.

What Avon has to say about this lipstick:

True Color Technology with self- renewing pigments that help the colors stay true for a long time. It contains Shea Butter, Omega Oil, Arctic Berry, and Vitamin E to nourish and moisturize lips instantly. 

It comes in a new packaging with a clear window at the tip of the cap to allow you to see the true colors easily. 

Swatch Time!

I have grouped all the pinks, corals & reds from this range together in this post for easy reference.

Here you go with the swatches....

1. TWINKLE PINK - A frosty pink with fine silver specks/shimmer.

2. HIBISCUS - A lovely bright pink with blue undertones.

3. HOT PINK - The color of the year! True to its name - a hot pink with purple undertones.

4. WILD GINGER - An orangey-coral with gold & silver shimmer.

5. TANGERINE TANGO - A true, bright, neonish orange. Only for the bold!

6. SUN CORAL - A brownish coral. Ideal for everyday wear.

7. LAVA LOVE - A true red!

8. RED 2000 - A slightly deeper red than Lava Love. Perfect bridal shade.

9. PERFECT RED - Its actually a perfect maroon. Pretty though.

10. RIPE PAPAYA - A frosty peach.

Swatches up close...

My favorites among the lot are - Hibiscus, Hot Pink, Tangerine Tango & Lava Love! :)

Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids Lipsticks are not launching here... Never mind! This collection has some similar shades to Vivids range - particularly the 4 shades I mentioned above! :D

Buttery texture & crazy pigmentation guaranteed with every lipstick! :D

Its not over yet! Stay tuned to this space for another edition of swatches on these YET TO BE LAUNCHED Avon Ultra Color Lipsticks!

Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin D

Cyano Cobalamin is an anti-inflammatory analgesic that works with calcium for absorption.  Critical to DNA synthesis and red blood cell formation; involved in all immune responses.  A specific for sulfite-induced asthma.  New research shows some success in cancer management, especially in tumor growth.  Energizes, relieves depression, hangover and poor concentration.  Supplied largely from animal foods, B-12 may be deficient for vegetarians, and a deficiency can take five or more years to appear after body stores are depleted.  Deficiency results in anemia, nerve degeneration, dizziness, heart palpitations and excess weight loss.  Long  use of cholesterol drugs, oral contraceptives, anti-inflammatory and anti-convulsant drugs deplete B-12.