Dermadew Lite Soap

Hey gals.. Good morning!

I recently got some skin infection in my neck area that spread to my shoulders too.

The skin in the neck got darkened slightly & there were rashes, itching & some burning sensation too.

The derma recommended Dermadew Lite Soap along with some lotion & ointment.

Price/Shelf life:


The soap comes neatly wrapped in a yellow foil wrapper with an outer yellow carton.

Insite the foil wrapper, the soap is housed on a plastic soap dish like packing.

Ingredients/What the product claims:

Check out the below picture for the same.

The way I see it:

The soap is off-white in color and oval in shape. "Dermadew Lite" is embossed on the soap.

The soap has a mild botanical fragrance which I totally love.

It lathers really well & doesn't melt crazy like other soaps.

I have been regularly using this soap thrice a day on my neck and shoulder area & I must admit that it really soothes my skin.

The burning sensation, the itching calms down to great extent - almost to zero.

It gives a clean feeling to the skin & get rids of ointments or lotion I had applied previously too.

I tried this on my face too a couple of times - and it left my skin squeaky clean without drying.

One soap would last for a month if used on the entire body.

Whenever I feel that my skin is itching or there is some mild burning sensation, I immediately use this soap & get relieved.

The soap contains 76% TFM - which is considered to be the golden standard in bathing bars. Most soaps in the market don't mention their TFMs only...

The derma said that this soap is ideal for irritated skin conditions & darkening - but also did mention that he wouldn't recommend it for regular use.

He said this is an apt soap for the winters to condition the skin & also keep skin infections at bay.

I cannot comment on the lightening of the skin now - but shall surely update you all at later time with regular use of this.

I am totally loving this soap & would recommend to you all too - probably you can check with your derma too before actually using the bar.

There is not a single 'Nay' factor for me when it comes to this soap & I totally love it.